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  • Nand Programmer P13

    Host Programmer, Nand Programmer, New Products
    1. P13 is a nandprogrammer, mainly for detecting, repairing, reading&writing nand,

    and formatting.

    1. Suitable for iOS device expansion, nandrepair, unbinding WiFi,

    modify the syscfg and other operations.


    Has the following advantages:
    1. Independent operation, faster and more stable reading&writing, support more nand models.

    1. Unbind Wi-FisupportiPhone/iPad models, no need restore after unbinding.
    2. Supports nandrepair and formatting, nandcan be installed and used directly without limit.
    3. Integrate the purple screen function, support iPhone/iPad to read&write nandsyscfg data without disassembling.
    4. The OLED screen real time displays nand read&write status,current status, and intelligently monitors abnormalities.

    Support upgrade software of JCID Assistant Platform, and continue to support subsequent models.

    • Specifications

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