Since 2013, JCID has been leading the industry in professional technology products specializing in mobile phone maintenance tools & parts. Our state-of-the art design combined with our top quality craftmanship have made us a well known brand worldwide. From nand expansion and screen data repair to true sound / vibration / touch / brightness repairs – all of which are beloved by consumers and technicians alike for their functions, performance, quality and easy operation – we’ve got you covered! Become part of the global distribution network today; Join JCID today !
Excellent Profit Margins
Mobile phone repair is a profitable industry! Connect with one of our sales representatives to customize the perfect quote and maximize your profits. Enjoy discounts for having good faith in us, plus take advantage of an easy sale without much competition – that’s what we aim for here at JCID. Get ready to see serious success from partnering up with us today.
Small Investment,Mixed Batch Available
At JCID, you have unlimited options to choose from! Whether it’s one piece or 100 pieces of any model that strikes your fancy – all without taking a risk. Investing in just the first purchase is enough for market testing so why not give yourself a chance?
Professional Sales & Support Team
Our Dealer Support Team is the perfect source for all your customer’s tech needs – whether it involves installation, troubleshooting or technical inquiries! With nearly instant responses within 24 hours and no need for prior professional experience from customers, we can offer a home delivery service that’ll make any issue disappear in no time.
Business Growth
Our expansive online presence, superior branding and targeted promotional strategy is drawing attention from customers worldwide. As end users request local services or delivery, they’ll discover your store — bringing more traffic than ever before! Your organic sales are bound to take off with this influx of new visitors.
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