Passionate Dragon Boat Festival, Enjoy the Summer with
The memory of Dragon Boat Festival may be the scent of mugwort mixed with various flowers floating in the air, or it may be the lively scene of dragon boat racing, or the warm moments of family and friends sitting around and eating Zongzi. Maybe it is also a gift full of sincere wishes.
JCRepair Assistant Released Version
JCRepair Assistant Version Update: 1. Solved the problem of V1SPro jump device ID when connecting to the platform 2. Added pop-up window explanation that P11 does not support Nand 3. Optimized prompts, fixed known bug
05GSM Renews Contract with JCID&AiXun, Continues as Official Agent in Russia
Congratulations to 05GSM for renewing its contract with JCID & AiXun as the official agent in Russia!
May · Embracing the
Technology strives to break barriers, and products require innovation. Looking back at the month of May, our R&D team, driven by the spirit of engineers, continued to explore technology and improve our products.
V1SPro & V1SE Programmer Software Upgraded On June 4, 2024
V1SPro & V1SE Programmer Software New Version update: 【2024.06.04 V1SE released version V8.40】; 【2024.06.04 V1SPro released version V1.97】
V1SPro &V1SE Software Released New Version
V1SE released version V8.39, and V1SPro released version V1.96
JC Drawing Rffe Bus Data Models New Update on May 30th
Jc Drawing Rffe Bus Data Models New Update on May 30th! RFFE measured data is continuously updated! ✅372 models of data input test point ✅342 models of measured rffe data
JCRepair Assistant & V1SPro Programmer Software Upgraded On May 29,2024
JCRepair Assistant & V1SPro Programmer Software New version update: 1. JCRepair Assistant Released Version; 2. V1SPro released version V1.95
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