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1.JC Repair Operation Platform (installation package), JCRepair_Setup.exe Download Now

2.  JC Drawing/iWatch flashing tool- Simple version Download Now

3.AiXun Platform installation package Download Now

4.iWatch S6 Driver Download Now

5.  iWatch flashing help document, must-see! ! !    Download Now

JC Drawing(including data)-Complete version Download Now

Watch3,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch3,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch3,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch3,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,9_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,10_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,11_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,12_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

6. iWatch latest firmware download(S1-S2 6.3 Extracting passwords:aixun8888) Download Now

7.J-BOX jailbreak file,jboxtools.bin Download Now

8.unc0ver_V6.1.1 install package Download Now

9.V1S U-disk Upgrade package (V2.0)

Note: U-disk should be in FAT32 format, after package downloaded, pls unzip it to a V1Stools folder and save in the first-level directory of U-disk.

Download Now

10. PRO1000S to work with BGA70/BGA110 data Download Now

(Please download it to PC and unzip it directly into the PRO1000S SD card)

11. P8 TF card firmware Download Now

(Please download it to PC and unzip it directly to the P8 TF card


12. P7S TF card firmware Download Now

(Please download it to PC and unzip it directly to the P7S TF card)


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