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  • Aixun iHeater – Intelligent Desoldering Station Support X-11Pro Max With Multi Exten Modular

    Aixun Tools, New Products

    Intelligent temperature control

    Protect Motherboard, Desoldering PCBA Easily

    0-220°c adjustable precisely, digital tube display

    Dual button design, adopting intergrated design of PCBA soldering and desoldering .

    Intelligent  modular  extension

    Support: X/XS/XSMax/11/11Pro/11ProMax/A10/A11/A12/A13 CPU Glue Removing

    Exclusive Workmanship / Simple structure / Nice molding

    • Specifications

    Aixun iHeater – Intelligent Desoldering Station
    *Support modular extension, support X-11Pro Max motherboard soldering and desoldering.
    *Adopting AC high-frequency heating, PID temperature algorithm, temperature rising faster and more accurate.
    *0-220°c adjustable precisely, digital tube display, dual- button design, easy to operate.
    *Adopt Magnetic Flip design, start dormancy mode by automatic induction, better protection for users.
    *Work indepentdently without host nor power adapter, compatible 110V and 220V.
    *Adopting Layer-Fit Integrated Design Scheme, to stretch the deformed PCBA easily for heating fit by buckle lock.

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