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Shenzhen JC Information Technology Co., LTD. ( hereinafter referred to as “JCID”) was established in 2013 by a group of interesting guys with great enthusiasm and high education background.

JCID is focusing on providing full solution for smart phone maintenance and repair work, such as nand capacity expansion, screen data repair, truetone / vibration / touch / lightness repair, battery data repair, fingerprint data and face ID,etc.

Thanks to long-time and continuous industry leading R&D input, we have developed plenty of black technology and advanced repair assisting products in this industry. And quickly loved by lots of repair technicians all over the world due to our products’ functions, performance, quality reliability, efficiency and easy operation.

We launched the world first real PCIE Programmer in May 2018, that is JC P7.
We launched the world first BGA110 Programmer in Nov 2019, that is P11/F.
We launched the world first screen tester which adopted Linux system and MTK CPU in Apr 2020, that is V1S.
… …

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  • Becky - Sales Manager
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