Public collection for the global ranking rule of 100,000 RMB bonus

2023-05-11 from JCID

Having many cool idea or great creativity in mind?

Hurry up! Share your nice IDEA here and win 100,000 cash bonus!

Every steps of JCID in the past have your footprints. To gratitude for fans/users support and trust, JCID launched a special event "V1S Pro-cash bonus of 100,000 RMB". Cash bonus of 100,000 RMB will be revealed on August 8, exclusive gift for the V1S Pro user who ranking first!



What are the global ranking rule?


The earlier purchase and the more valid use time of V1S Pro, the more opportunity. Each V1S Pro device will participates automatically , the global ranking is automatically running in the server, and JCID have no right to intervene!


How to accumulate the combat power value?


Up to you! JCID now public collection for the global ranking rule facing users/fans. Let’s discuss on “how to accumulate the combat power value”. The ranking list will be updated from May 16th.


To help more users participate in the combat power accumulation, welcome to leave comments and tell us the best ranking way. We’ll add them in the ranking rules together


How to participate in?


Open JCID official website [], leave a message in the comment section of the blog named “Public collection for the global ranking rule of 100,000 RMB bonus”


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