JCID UFS Programmer U15 Coming Soon!

2023-11-09 from JCID

UFS Programmer-U15


Ultra thin, fast and stable!


Debut support UFS4.0,low-power CPU, ensuring high-speed read and write for a long time! UFS Nand reading,writing,capacity expansion and repair!


Leading technology and excellent


ufs programmer


USB3.0 high-speed transmission


Common reading speed 180M/S, writing speed 350M/S


Smart power supply adapts to UFS2.X 3.X 4.X Nands automatically


Identify Nand and read Nand information automatically


Support online upgrade, experience the latest technologies and functions in the industry at any time


Professional after-sales technical team provides one-on-one technical guidance


JCID UFS programmer U15 will be available for sale in the near future!


Stay tuned!


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