V1SE&V1SPro Programmer New Version Updated 2024.05.09

2024-05-10 from JCID

V1SE programmer and V1SPro programmer New Version Update

 V1SE released version V8.35
1️⃣ Optimized the battery repair FPC detection
2️⃣ Optimized tips and fix known issues


V1SPro released version V1.91
1️⃣ Optimized the battery repair FPC detection;
2️⃣ Newly added support for 15 series wide-angle repair FPC read and write;
3️⃣ Added the display of QMax battery information;
4️⃣ The chip module newly added USB-C chip cloud data for some iPad models;
5️⃣ Optimized tips and fixed known issues;


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