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  • Aixun EP01 – Đồng hồ đo điện bảo trì thông minh cho iOS/Android

    AIXUN, Đồng hồ điện

    Light and cute, easy to carry for on-site repair
    Support current range auto-switch
    Support built-in battery data for boot without restart
    Support phone restore or software upgrade.
    Support detection for charging current & voltage
    With 4-way USB voltage output port
    Support DC power supply and power bank supply
    Precise current detection,
    Precise device restore,
    Precise escort for your repair work!

    cuộc điều tra
    • thông số kỹ thuật

    New upgraded functions for your perfect experience

    Stable 4.2V voltage, overload and reverse polarity protection, buzzer alarm
    Support 0-12V/3A output
    Support voltage and current detection of charging equipment
    Power adapter/ Banana head cable, two ways for power supply
    Support two-way USB output, which can be used for device restore /download and charging
    Four way USB power output, MAX 3A, Min 1mA, voltage & current synchronous display
    2A /3A mechanical meter for choice, more convenient and intuitive for current judge
    Small and cute, a must-have for on-site phone repair.
    Built-in battery decode board, no restart even under long time work, suitable
    power supply for any brand phone repair


    Understand what you need
    Then fulfill it!
    Each of your small concerned point deserves our big effort!
    Focus in each detail, to present you perfect outcoming!
    3 A Intelligent Maintenance Power Meter
    On-site maintenance, main board maintenance, device restore , so easy!

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