V1S Pro New Version Release V1.31

V1S Pro New Version Release V1.31


  1. Newly added non-removal unbind App, unbind accessories without jailbreaking/ machine disassembly/nand disassembly;
  2. Solve the problem that data cannot be read after secondary connection of the 12-13 screen true tone adaptor;
  3. Added battery App  Fast mode for Syscfg repair/write standard syscfg/write over capacity syscfg;
  4. Fix other bugs and optimize tips;


V1S Pro


JCID V1S Pro programmer is a powerful and comprehensive tool for mobile phone repair. It integrates all functions of JCID V1SE, PRO1000S and P13, suitable for different repair scenarios. Zero fault on the kernel data read and write as well as factory code checking, unbind WiFi in 1 second. 6 core and 64 bit dual operation system, powerful inner core brings smoother operation.


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