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iPhone parts Testing Devices

» iPhone parts Testing Devices

JC 2nd Gen C1 Intelligent Repair Maintenance Box

iPhone parts Testing Devices
  • Real time current/voltage detection
  • Battery connector flex cable adapter (6pcs pack)
  • English/Chinese supported
  • HD OLED Display
  • Data analysis
  • Brush test /boot test/ logic board protection
  • Dial mode, digital mode one-key switching
  • Fast brushing/ boot one-key switch
  • JC ST platform fault detection
  • Compatible with IOS/Android devices


  • Specifications
  • Details

Model: JC C1

Description: Real time detection of voltage and current;

Build in power supply with battery and lightning charger port, fast motherboard reboot.

Connect the computer, then brush the motherboard to test, motherboard no longer need batteries and dock flex cable, real time voltage and current display with OLED screen.

Support: iPhone6/6P/ 6s/6sp/7/7P/8/ 8P/ X


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