romeo2 face id chip

Romeo2-JCID Self-designed Face ID Chip-2nd Gen Dot projector repair

Romeo2 Face ID Chip Features:


Smaller, thinner and more stable than the 1st Gen

No need for a shim, easier for installing

Universal to iPhoneX-12PM , iPad pro 3/4/5

Thickness only 0.38mm (including tin balls)

0.5mm lower than the magic ring, enough space for chip locating, install easily!


romeo2 face id chip

romeo2 face id chip


Remeo2 installation guide


Only need 1 step: soldering the chip


Top limited temp of the chip: 380°C

Advised soldering temp: 240°C


JCID self-designed exclusive face ID chip provides solutions for iPhone and iPad dot matrix repair. No need to short circuit the MOS tube, no need to install capacitor and grind, and is easy to identify the pin ball which is needed for soldering. The sample one-step operation facilitates face ID maintenance greatly, it’s a good helper for mobile repair technicians.