JC Drawing Ver2.0.230508 Обновлено

JC drawing Ver2.0.230508 Updated:


  1. Added analysis modules function, support to add personal modules data, permanently saved in the cloud personal database;
  2. Fix the problem of abnormal startup of drawing software when multiple mobile phones are connected to computer at the same time;
  3. Fixed the problem that the display ratio and position of the drawing is not the previous state when the drawing is switched over.


Рисунок JC



JCID offers a wide range of products which include programmers, nand read and write programmers, nand restoring testing fixtures, EEPROM chip programmers, flex cables and chips, tools and accessories. We also provide Рисунок JC for our clients.


Business inquiry please contact JCID sales team or Email: info@jcprogrammer.com


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