Battery Repair Flex Cable Built-in and External FPC for iPhone 11-13PM- JCID

Universal Return FPC Fingerprint Flex Cable for iPhone Home Button Repair- JCID

Face ID Dot Matrix FPC Replacement Flex Cable for iPhone X-13PM - JCID

Receiver FPC Ear Speaker Flex Cable for iPhone 8/ X-12PM/ SE2/ SE3 Earpiece Repair- JCID

Romeo2 Face ID Chip for iPhone and iPad Pro Dot Projector Repair- JCID

Romeo Face ID Chip IC Replacement Dot Matrix Repair Chip for iPhone X-13PM - JCID
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JCID flex cable and chip collection, including 6th generation home button, receiver FPC, face ID FPC, face ID chip, universal return FPC, built-in battery repair FPC, external battery repair FPC, non-Removal Face ID repair FPC. One of the essential tools for mobile phone accessories repair.

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