Flex Cable & Chip

JCID flex cable and chip collection, including 6th generation home button, receiver FPC, face ID FPC, face ID chip, universal return FPC, built-in battery repair FPC, external battery repair FPC, non-Removal Face ID repair FPC. One of the essential tools for mobile phone accessories repair.

JCID’s flex cable and chip series has every accessory you need to repair mobile phone. From the 6th generation home button, receiver flex cable, dot matrix flex cable, dot projector chip, universal return flex cable, built-in battery repair flex cable, tag-on battery repair flex cable, non-Removal Face ID repair flex cable – this collection is an essential for any cellphone repairs!

The home button can be used for home key maintenance and fingerprint serial number modification;

The receiver FPC is used to solve the problem of no face ID and no true tone caused by no original receiver FPC, damaged receiver FPC, mismatched receiver FPC, etc.;

Face ID FPC is used for X-13 series face ID maintenance, perfectly compatible with ios version;

JCID’s self-developed face ID chip can solve the problem of face ID deactivation caused by the damage of the original deep-sensing camera, no need to polish, no trace repair;

Battery repair FPCs, suitable for 11-13 series battery repair, free from battery boot, battery flex cable green testing on platform etc. Features of anti-installation automatic identification function, installation does not need to restart, low power consumption.