EEPROM Chip Programmer

EEPROM chip programmer, including JC BLE X-12PM, JC BLE-13 two products. Suitable for Qualcomm baseband, Intel baseband, Logic, iPhoneX-13 series baseband chips to read, write, save, edit, and IC data record without disassembly; a sharp tool for IC data recording. Supports both offline and online modes of operation with below outstanding features:

OLED screen display;
No need to disassemble the chip when moving the board, saving time and effort;
Voltage and current monitoring, short-circuit alarm;
Stand-alone operation: one read and one write, simple and efficient operation;
Online operation, local backup, data will never be lost;
Built-in wire jumping test point, supporting more models of flying wire testing.

Experience the revolutionary charm of JCID’s maintenance programmer, making mobile phone repair work smarter and more convenient than ever before!