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• 4.3 inch HD capacitive touch screen, acute and multi touch spots, easy for operation

• FreeRTOS operation system, use CPU spaces effectively

• Support SD card, high speed USB communication

• Support Pro1000S offline operation and online operation by connecting with JCID Repair platform

• Support APP download, unlimited functions upgrade

• Connecting with JCID nand restoring test fixture to read kernel data, IC data recording, IC data clearance and batch processing

• Connecting with JCID EEPROM chip repair modules to read and write data

• Connecting with JCID 32-64 nand read&write module to format, read, write and copy IC data

• Support capacity expansion, unbind WiFi, USB cable repair, earphone repair, fingerprint serial number read and write, photographic, vibration, truetone repair, battery cycle counts clear, etc

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Product Name

Pro1000S Multifunction Programmer






Aluminium alloy



Net Weight




JCID Pro1000S programmer provides solutions for mobile phone repair, IC data recording and saving, nand IC repair and EEPROM IC repair. It’s the offline operation platform for all modules and devices of JCID. It supports one key kernel data read, write and record without dismantle, nand data read, write and revise, capacity expansion and WiFi unbound, baseband/logic chip read, save, edit and record. It can be regarded as a solution for door to door mobile repair service. 


List of Packing:

JCID Pro1000S Multifunctional Programmer*1

Type-C USB cable*1

SD card*1

User manual card*1



Package Details:

1 PC/Box, 42PCS / Carton

Box Dimension: 22*16.5*6.5cm

Carton Dimension: 50*46*46cm

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