P7S BGA70 Nand Repair Programmer Hard Disk Read and Write Device- JCID

Market Price: US $202/PC

JCID PCIE-P7S programmer is designed for Apple BGA70 nand repair and firmware repair. It’s applicable to full series of BGA70 models, the strong compatibility is far beyond test stand or non-removal devices, and the nand repair rate has raised up to 50%, easily solve nand restore error problem. It features nand repair and firmware repair, fast data reading and writing, WiFi unbind, 2.4inch HD display screen, and is compatible with TF card. The SYSCFG data can be retrieved after repairing, making nand repair and maintenance easier.

Products Features

  • Compatible with full series of BGA70 nand repair, suitable for 5SE-7P/ PAD 5-7/ PAD PRO
  • Support both online and offline operation. Support firmware and syscfg repair, data read and write and wifi unbind offline; firmware repair, format, data read and write, revise data online
  • Support syscfg data reading, syscfg data recording, WiFi unbind, nation revise, language switch
  • Full nand repair, make bad nand restore to the new status
  • SYSCFG protection repair, the syscfg data can be retrieved after repairing


Model PCIE-P7S
Product Name JCID BGA70 Nand Repair Programmer P7S
Color JCID Blue
Material Metal
Dimension 104*72*11mm
Net Weight 121g

List of packing

  1. BGA70 Nand Repair Programmer*1

Package Details

1 PC/Box, 460PCS / Carton

Box Dimension: 104*72*11mm

Carton Dimension: 50*46*46cm

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