N6/ N7/ 7P/ N8/ 8P Nand Flashing Stand Non-Removal Nand Restoring Fixture- JCID

Market Price: US $105/PC

JCID N6/ N7/ 7P/ N8/ 8P nand flashing fixtures can be used for nand restore, read and write of iPhone 6/ 6P/ 7/ 7P/ 8/ 8P models. By collocating with JCID B-BOX, they can achieve purple screen function so as to do nand data reading and writing. Thanks to the type-C lightning function, the three models nand restore stands support nand and motherboard detection, restore and test with no need for a battery. Besides, the powerful one key DPU function also benefits the working efficiency during nand repair.

Products Features

  • Collocate with JCID B-BOX for purple screen operation, support nand data read and write
  • Suitable for iPhone 6/ 6P/ 7/ 7P/ 8/ 8P motherboard test and restore
  • Support corresponding mainboard resotre and test
  • Support corresponding nand test and restore
  • Double buckle design of movable nand base, replace nand easily
  • Support restoring with lightning cable charging, free from battery
  • Support one key DFU and nand detecting, increase efficiency


Model N6/N7/N8
Product Name JCID Nand Restoring Testing Fixture N6/N7/N8
Color JCID Blue
Material Metal
Dimension 130*90*60mm
Net Weight 270g

List of packing

  1. Nand Restoring Testing Fixture N6/N7/N8*1 (optional)

Package Details

1 PC/Box, 110PCS / Carton

Box Dimension: 13*9*6cm

Carton Dimension: 50*46*46cm

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