JCID Programmable LiDAR Repair FPC For Camera Lag And VR Repair

Market Price: US $ 26~30 /PC

• Original 1:1, no tag-on chip, read and write encrypted data, solve the problems of camera lag and 3D scanning (VR function) caused by non-original LiDAR

• Programmable, enables reading, writing and repair

• Compatible with 13/14 series rear camera/radar R&W adaptor

• Support to read and write data with V1SE and V1S Pro programmers

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Programmable LiDAR Repair FPC

Product Name

JCID Programmable LiDAR Repair FPC







JCID programmable LiDAR is made to solve problems of disabled rangefinder and AR functions of iPhone caused by damaged original LiDAR. Users can write original LiDAR data by matching it with 13-14 series rear camera/LiDAR adaptor and V1SE or V1SPRO. Its original 1:1 design without tag-on chip enables reading and writing encrypted data to fix malfunctions such as camera lag and inability to shoot VR video.


List of Packing:

1. Programmable LiDAR Repair FPC*1


Package Details:

1 PC/Bag, 20PCS / Bundle

Bag Dimension: 10*10*10mm

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