JC Drawing Card Schematic Diagram Inode Bitmap for iPhone Android Mobile Phone- JCID

Market Price: US $15~105/PC

JC drawing is a necessary software for mobile phone maintenance personal or DIY hobbies who needs to take schematic diagram and inode bitmap for reference. Check factory code by matching with JCID P7S/P7 Pro/P7, iOS device restoring, 1110 repair, safe and efficient. 1:1 inode bitmap, HD render vector diagram, high precision PCB layered line alignment circuit diagram, resistance diagram and schematics are included. Such various functions is benefit for mobile and iPad repair.

Products Features

  • Support factory code checking, 1110 repair, mobile phone restore, render vector diagram, 1:1 inode bitmap, schematic, resistance preview, layered line alignmentchart, cross screen display, components test, mapping, repair cases sharing…
  • Drawing data for thousands of mobile phone models, iPhone, Android, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, iPad, etc…
  • Connecting with hardware devices such as JCID D11, P7, P7PRO, P7S and AiXun S-DOCK, achieve efficient maintenance
  • Support actual picture zoom in, make every component clearance, self-drew high precision  layered line alignment diagram, provide you with convenient help
  • Personal iCloud database, record the value of voltage and resistance to ground
  • Accurate and actual data provided by veteran technicians
  • Share cases/schematics to earn pointsand make money


Model JC Drawing
Product Name JCID Intelligent Maintenance Diagram
Brand JCID Programmer
Dimension 86*55*1mm
Net Weight 5.7g

List of packing

  1. JC drawing season/yearly/two-year card*1

Package Details

1 PC/Bag, 150PCS / Bundle

Bag Dimension: 86*55*1mm

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