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Fast Charger Testing Adaptor For Apple Charger Authenticity Detection

Market Price: US $ 15/PC

• Support the detection of original/fake Apple charger

• Support the detection of PD/QC protocols of fast charger of known and unknown brands, estimating the authenticity of the protocols

• Support the detection of C-cable, recognizing the USB version and eMarker chip information of the cable

• Support output charging detection, monitoring voltage, current and power, estimating whether the charging function of the device is normal or not and the maximum charging power

• Support the recognition and detection of Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 data cable

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Fast Charger Testing Adaptor





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JCID fast charger testing adaptor can be used to detect the authenticity of Apple charger, what voltages and currents the charger supports to output, the maximum charging power of the charger, the USB version of C-cable, including USB2.0, 3.2Gen1, 3.2Gen2, 4.0Gen3 and 4.0Gen4, and estimating whether there is eMarker chip. Monitor the charging voltage, current and power of the charger. It also supports to detect the authenticity of PD/QC protocols of fast charger of the major and unknown brands, including APPLE, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, UGREEN, PISEN, ANKER, MOMAX, ROMOSS, BULL, NUBIA, TORRAS, TAFIQ, ZMI, etc. 


List of Packing:

1. Fast Charger Testing Adaptor x 1


Package Details:

1 PC/Bag, 10PCS / Bundle

Bag Dimension: 11.5*1.5*0.4cm

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