EM02 CNC Grinding Machine Polisher for IC Chip and CPU Sanding- JCID

Market Price: US $2240/PC

JCID EM02 grinding machine is specially designed for BGA chip manufacturer. It’s suitable for CPU polish, IC chip grinding, nand grinding and PMU bracket grinding. It features 720P HD camera, 7 inch capacitive screen for operation, auto chip flatness detection, imported high precision linear guide, water-cooling circulation system, free function Apps and auto data upgrading through WiFi networking. The self-developed operating system is convenient for system upgrade and data update. It’s a must have desktop repair tool for mobile phone and chip IC maintenance.

Products Features

  • Matching with high precision moulds for CPU grinding, nand/hard disk grinding, touch IC grinding and PMU bracket grinding
  • High quality water-cooling spindle, 24000r/min, 200W strong power, scientific ratio speed
  • 720P HD camera with 180 degree rotation and adjustable focus, ultra wide horizon, clear at a glance
  • Inside precise sensor, detect chip flatness automatically, analyze and generate curved surface grinding
  • Automatic grinding app data upgrade by Wifi networking, newly added batch grinding and PMU bracket grinding App, more Apps will launch soon
  • Support data import through USB flash disk, support operating by connecting with external mouse and keyboard
  • Integrated design of screen and host, save space and more convenient to use
  • 7 inch HD capacity touch screen, sensitive operation, heat resistance and long service life
  • Three axis adopts imported ball screw and linear guide, machining accuracy is not less than 0.01


Model EM02
Product Name JCID Intelligent CNC Grinding Machine 2nd Gen-EM02
Color JCID Blue
Operating System Self-developed operating system
Effective Stroke 103*171*67mm
Machining accuracy 0.01mm
Chuck Size 1-7mm
Spindle Power 800W
Working Voltage 220V
Template Size 150*140*28mm
Product Dimension 555*440*550mm
Net Weight 40kg
Auxiliary perspective 720P HD Camera

List of packing

  1. JCID EM02 CNC grinding machine*1
  2. Wrench*2 (13-15mm*1, 14-17mm*1)
  3. Bit*10
  4. Calibration mould*1
  5. 8-8P front grind mould*1
  6. XR front&back grind mould*1
  7. X-XS Max front&back grind mould*1
  8. 11-11Pro Max front&back grind mould*1
  9. 12-12Pro Max front&back grind mould*1

Package Details

1PC / Carton

Carton Dimension: 60*45*74cm

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