BLE X-12PM Baseband Logic Chip EEPROM Data Reading and Writing Programmer- JCID

Market Price: US $147/PC

JCID BLE X-12PM programmer is a powerful tool used for baseband logic chip EEPROM data recording, reading and writing. It is applicable to multiple modules includes X Qualcomm baseband, X Intel baseband, X logic chip and XR-12PM baseband. With this programmer, mobile repair technicians or beginners can record chip IC data easily with no need to dismantle chip. It also supports online current and voltage monitor, data local backup and wire jump test. The comprehensive functions ensures EEPROM Data record with high efficiency and less labor.

Products Features

  • Applicable to X Qualcomm baseband, X Intel baseband, X logic chip, XR-12PM baseband data reading, writing, saving, editing and recording
  • Support online and offline operations, two options for your choice
  • Connect to JCID Repair platform to backup, never lose data
  • Real time monitoring current and voltage, short circuit alarm
  • Built-in wire jumping test point, support 6-8P baseband and logic chip test
  • Record chip data without dismantling, simple and efficient


Model BLE X-12PM
Product Name JCID X-12PM EEPROM Chip Non-Removal Programmer
Dimension 150*110*31mm
Color JCID Blue

List of packing

  1. X-12PM EEPROM Chip Non-Removal Programmer*1

Package Details

1 PC/Box, 108PCS / Carton

Box Dimension: 16*12*3.5cm

Carton Dimension: 50*46*46cm

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