V1S Pro Combat Power Global Ranking List Real Time Update From May 16th

V1S Pro Combat Power Global Ranking List


100000RMB cash bonus for the one who ranks first


  • More awards are waiting for the top 50 users


  • Real time update from May 16th, release on August 8th


The more complete and earlier you use, the higher the ranking


Take action now to own the 10000ORMB cash bonus


v1s pro


JCID V1S Pro programmer is a powerful and comprehensive tool for mobile phone repair. It integrates all functions of JCID V1SE, PRO1000S and P13, suitable for different repair scenarios. Zero fault on the kernel data read and write as well as factory code checking, unbind WiFi in 1 second. 6 core and 64 bit dual operation system, powerful inner core brings smoother operation.


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