V1SE Released V7.95 Version

V1SE New Version V7.92 Update


  1. If the number of battery cycles is less than 21, the latest IOS system displays 100% of the battery life by default, and the device adds a prompt;


  1. Optimize the battery writingstandard /overcapacity, the serial number prompt will not change;


  1. Synchronize thebattery health displayof V1SE and platform


V1SE 프로그래머



JCID V1SE programmer is a mobile phone code reading and writing programmer with large capacity.  It’s compatible with 8 adaptors, including screen adaptor, 6-14PM battery adaptor, X-13PM dot projector repair adaptor, fingerprint adaptor for home button read and write, receiver FPC detection adaptor, 12-13 vibration read&write adaptor, original screen true tone repair adaptor and 12 series/ 13/ 13 mini original and brand screen true tone repair adaptor.


Business inquiry please contact JCID sales team or Email: info@jcprogrammer.com


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