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  • JCID Host Programmer PRO1000S

    Host Programmer, Hot Sale Products

    ♦It is the Offline Operation Platform for JC Products

    ♦It works with all JC products or modules

    ♦It is the perfect solution for door to door iPhone Repair Service

    • Specifications

    ♦ Model: JC PRO1000S

    ♦It is the Offline Operation Platform  with all JC Devices or Modules.

    ♦JC PRO1000S+ JC P7 PCIE Programmer for iPhoneSE 6S 6SP 7 7P and iPad Pro nand IC repairing.

    ♦JC PRO1000S+ JC PCIE-8 Testing Fixture for iPhone8 8P X nand IC repairing.

    ♦JC PRO1000S+ JC EEPROM Removal-Free Modules for iPhone EEPROM IC repairing.

    ♦JC PRO1000S+ JC BAT2 for iPhone Battery ID information detection and modification, perfectly support iPhone battery changing.

    ♦JC PRO1000S+ JC EPH1 for MFI Lighiting earphones identification.

    ♦JC PRO1000S+ JC CBL1 for MFI Lighiting cables identification.

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