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Dot Projector Flex Cable

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  • F3 Dot Projector Repair Module 3rd Gen

    Dot Projector Flex Cable, Host Programmer, Hot Sale Products, JCID, New Products

    A professional Face ID dot projector repair  device
    Support dot projector data testing, reading and burning
    Support X-12 series luminous module read& write,
    solve the problem that the cable is damaged and I2C is disconnected and unable to read the data.

    • Specifications

    1.Support independent “Luminous module” data reading. Solve the problem that the cable is damaged, I2C is broken and can’t read data.
    2.Support detect and repair X – 12Pro Max and iPad Pro3 / 4 with dot projector cable
    3. New add independent 25-pin dot projector chip test

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    • Becky - Sales Manager
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