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EEPROM Chip Non-Removal Programmer

» JCID » EEPROM Chip Non-Removal Programmer

JC iPhone 7/ 7P Baseband/Logic EEPROM Chip Non-Removal Repair Tool

EEPROM Chip Non-Removal Programmer

Model: JC BLE-7P

Description: JC BLE-7P is for repairing iPhone 7 7P Baseband/logic EEPROM chip without removing the chip from the main board.

Read/ Backup/ Burn on EEPROM chip information in 1 second.

Support: iPhone 7/ 7P, suitable for both Qualcomm and Intel EEPROM chips.

It works on JC PRO1000S.

  • Specifications
  • Video

Function Description: Support Logic/Intel Baseband/Qualcomm Baseband

  1. Support Online mode with PC ( JC Repair Assistant )
  2. Support Offline mode with PRO1000S ( JC Repair Application )
  3. Support Read /Save/Edit /Burn
  4. Digital Tube Displays The Current, PCBA Short Out Clearly

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