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  • JC Home Button Universal Repair Return Function for iPhone 7/7p/8/8p

    JC Home Button

    JC home button Final Edition comes with below features,

    1.Perfect Keyboard performance
    2.Perfect battery consumption lowest as 0.015Ahm
    3.Wrong touch and unlock issues avoided
    4.Touch function impact avoided
    5.Bluetooth/shortcut flex avoided
    6.Physic press feedbacks with vibration
    7.Clip and use 1:1 as original


    • Specifications

    JC home button is the worlds smartest and easiest 3rd part iPhone 7/7p/8/8p home button repair solution

    Now you just need to replace the not working home button with final edition JC home button, it working with as original home button and bring all the function back except touch ID. Save you a lot time and money for home button repair

    Upgrading of the Final Edition JC Home Button compare with with previously version as below,


    • Lowest Battery consumption as 0.015 Ahm.
    • Bluetooth and short flex avoided.
    • Physic press feedbacks with vibration
    • Data communication with CPU, 1:1 working as original home button.



    • Compatibility, each home button universal compatible with iPhone 7 /7p/8/8p
    • Fast repair, everyone can handle the repairs in mins.
    • Easy repair, No more complicated flex cable micro-soldring
    • Various colors, Black, Gold, Rose gold, Silver as original
    • Warranty, 365 days quality warranty.
    • QC, Each Home button was tested 3 times before shipping
    • System Compatible, iOS upgrade supported
    • Precise Dimension,Perfectly match the screen
    • High Quality, Raw materials, durable for long time using.
    • Unique algorithm solution, working stable
    • Less than 1% battery  consumptions in 24 hours

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