JC Drawing Released New Version Ver2.0.230608

JC Drawing Ver2.0.230608 Version Update:

  1. Added an upgrade function for RBox bus analyzer.
  2. Optimized the bus analysis function to support multi-address chips.
  3. Enhanced the bus analysis function, and the models with existing bus data are now listed at the end of the help content.
  4. Improved the bus analysis function to switch the bus data and refresh the related chips in the bitmap in real-time after the detection is completed.
  5. Fixed the issue of submission failure when the feedback content contains special characters.


JC drawing



JCID offers a wide range of products which include programmers, nand read and write programmers, nand restoring testing fixtures, EEPROM chip programmers, flex cables and chips, tools and accessories. We also provide JC drawing for our clients.


Business inquiry please contact JCID sales team or Email: info@jcprogrammer.com


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