Passionate Dragon Boat Festival, Enjoy the Summer with "Zongzi"

2024-06-08 from JCID

The lingering aroma of mugwort comes with long-lasting love.


The memory of Dragon Boat Festival may be the scent of mugwort mixed with various flowers floating in the air, or it may be the lively scene of dragon boat racing, or the warm moments of family and friends sitting around and eating Zongzi. Maybe it is also a gift full of sincere wishes.



This summer, JCID is distributing Dragon Boat Festival gifts, which will become a heartwarming memory for all employees.



This year, the Dragon Boat Festival gift box is full of sincerity from the outside to the inside. The packaging style of the outer box is simple, with red and green as the main colors, showing the freshness and custom flavor of summer. Hold the gift box in your hand to meet sincerity and embark on a beautiful date with the summer.


Zongzi is an indispensable food for the Dragon Boat Festival. The fragrance of zongzi not only embodies the cultural connotation behind traditional folk customs, but also conveys the deep true feelings between people. For this JCID Dragon Boat Festival gift, we carefully selected 6 flavors of zongzi, including five-spice salted pork zongzi, candied date zongzi, red bean paste zongzi, grain zongzi, egg yolk mung bean salted pork zongzi, and barbecued pork zongzi, taking into account the dietary habits of both the north and the south, and providing a caring "zongzi" flavor journey for colleagues from all over the world.



At the 2024 JCID Dragon Boat Festival gift distribution site, we also felt the enthusiasm and joy of our colleagues. Everyone lined up in an orderly manner, happily receiving the holiday gifts and sharing their thoughts at the moment.


A colleague from the Finance Department said: "Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival. I am very grateful that the company distributed exquisite gifts and delicious Zongzi to us, which made us happy and enjoyed the joy of the festival."


A colleague from the R&D department said: "After receiving the Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi from the company, I couldn't help but sigh at the warmth of the festival and also evoked my longing for my hometown. This small gift is not only a delicious food, but also a deep friendship, which makes me feel united and warm. I hope the fragrance of the Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi will always accompany us to spend time together and share happiness!"


Another colleague from the marketing department said: "This gift is not only a sign of care and encouragement for me, but also allows me to have a deeper understanding and experience of traditional Chinese culture. I will cherish it even more."



The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching midsummer, and the days are getting longer and clearer. In this summer festival, JCID would like to extend our sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to all employees and their families. May everyone embrace beauty, enjoy happiness and freedom.


Wish you all a happy and peaceful Dragon Boat Festival!


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