Declaration On Counterfeit FPC

2024-06-25 from JCID

Dear users:


The counterfeiter is selling counterfeit shoddy battery repair FPC of our brand on the market as good ones, which disrupting the market and have caused severe adverse effects. After verification by our company, it was found that some unscrupulous operators illegally packaged inferior products and sold them as our brand. The counterfeit FPC on the market are defaulted to 100% and 0 cycles before shipping. If they are installed directly on the phone, the i4 Tools will show data in red, and the data cannot be modified through JCID programmers. Such counterfeit products have no safety nor guarantees and have violated relevant laws and regulations.


In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users, we provide an official way to verify the authenticity of the battery FPC series:


1. Identify the authenticity by checking the anti-counterfeiting code;

2. Identify the authenticity automatically through V1SE and V1SPro.


At the same time, to avoid further damage to your rights and interests, if you need to purchase battery FPC, please contact JCID official authorized agent.


We will further improve the anti-counterfeiting measures and enhance product quality so as to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of users. Our company reserves the right to take legal action and different measures against bad operators who produce and sell counterfeit products as our brand.


Declaration On Counterfeit FPC


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