Tag-On Wide Angle Rear Camera Repair Flex Cable For iPhone 12-14 Series – JCID

Market Price: US $18~20/PC

JCID tag-on rear camera repair flex cable is designed to repair camera code matching and pop-up window problems that appear after replacing with non-genuine iPhone rear camera. The free soldering design facilitates repair efficiency and is benefit for beginners to fix rear camera easily.


  • JCID debut non-removal rear camera repair solution, match with V1S Pro for use
  • Applicable to 12/ 12PM/ 12MIN/ 13/ 13MINI/ 13P/ 13PM/ 14/ 14Plus/ 14Pro/ 14PM wide angle camera repair
  • Solve code matching and pop up window problems caused by non-genuine camera
  • Free soldering, easy for beginners to operate, buckle and fold in half, then install it to fix the problem


モデル Tag-On Rear Camera FPC
製品名 JCID Tag-On Rear Camera Repair FPC
ブランド ジェイシッドプログラマ
カラー ブラック
ディメンション 10*10*10mm
正味重量 1g


  1. Tag-on rear camera repair FPC*1





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