iPhone X-12PMのためのタグオンフェイスID修理FPCドットプロジェクターフレックスケーブル-JCID

Market Price: US $8~11/PC

JCID tag-on face ID receiver provides new solution for dot matrix and face ID repair. It helps repair face ID with no need to dismantle or install prism, no need to soldering chip and align. Matching with JCID V1S, V1SE, V1S Pro to achieve one key activate, read and write face ID data without dismantle. It’s suitable for all users who have poor soldering skills and have no requirement for repair appearance.


  • Applicable to iPhone X/ XR/ XS/ XS Max/ 11/ 11P/ 11PM/ 12/ 12mini/ 12P/ 12PM
  • Support data reading and writing by connecting with JCID V1S/ V1SE/ V1S Pro programmer
  • No need to remove or install prism, no need to align and soldering, help beginners repair face ID with ease


モデル Tag-on Face ID Repair FPC
製品名 JCID Tag-on Face ID Repair FPC
ブランド ジェイシッドプログラマ
カラー ブラック
ディメンション 10*10*10mm
正味重量 1g


  1. Tag-on Face ID Repair FPC*1





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