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JCID is the reliable assistant to all iPhone Repair Technicians all over the world. Come and join with us, to make phone repairing works more easier. –From JCID CEO: Mr. Lu
JCID is the original manufacturer for JCID PRO1000S, the 32Bit/64 Bit Nand Flash IC Programmer for iPhone 4/ 4S/ 5/ 5C/ 6/ 6P and iPad2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ mini/ mini2/ mini3/ mini4, the JCID P7 PCIE Nand Flash IC Programmer for iPhoneSE/ 6S/ 6SP/ 7/ 7P/ iPad Pro, the PCIE Nand Flash IC Programmer Testing Fixtures for iPhone 8/ 8P/ X/ 6P/ 6, the Baseband/ Logic EEPROM ICs Repairing Tools for iPhones.
Meanwhile, JCID also provides the MFI Identification Devices for Lightning Cables and Lighting Earphones, as well as the iPhone Battery ID information Detection device for Battery changing。

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