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  • AiXun T3A Smart Soldering station

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    Aixun-T3A, the world's first 200W Full Intelligent soldering station, top 10 leading functions!
    1. Connect to Aixun platform for free software upgrade automatically, unlimited function upgrade.
    2. Adopt 200W super power supply, only takes 4 seconds for C245 soldering iron to rise to 380 ℃.
    3. Intelligent recognition of welding target and environment, intelligent power compensation and automatic protection.
    4. 2.4 inch color display, 100-480 ℃ temperature adjustable, with real-time dormancy.
    5. Support 936, T12, T245 three handles, automatic identification of handle model and working state.
    6. Personal habit temperature self memory, three channel temperature fast switching, knob adjustment.
    7. The host has built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high temperature operation.
    8. Automatic record of working time, automatic reminder of fatigue operation.
    9. Maximum support of 24 V-8A current output, with DC power supply and burning function.
    10. Ultra strong anti-static isolation design, meet the industrial ESD standard.

    • Specifications

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